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Nové Město na MoravěNové Město na Moravě

Nové Město na Moravě

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Nove Mesto na Morave is mainly interesting for its historical and culture monuments. The well-preserved city centre forms the municipal monument zone. The eldest monument is the catholic church of St. Kunhuta on Vratislavovo square. Its Gothic presbytery is from 14th century. The very first reference about the cemetery church of Nanebevzeti Panny Marie originates from 1596. A small Renaissance chateau has been probably built in 16th century during the Pernstejn’s control. After 1588 it has been renewed in order to function as his permanent residency. Today’s appearance is basically from 1874 when the chateau has been modified into a New Renaissance style. Nowadays there is the Horacka gallery inside. The former Renaissance city hall has been renewed in 1555 from two bourgeois houses on the upper square. Nove Mesto na Morave is an ideal starting point for walking tour to attractive territory of the Zdar Peaks (Zdarske vrchy).

Infocentre - Vratislavovo nám. 114, 592 31 Nové Město na Moravě, tel: +420-566 598 750, e-mail:, Web:




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